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At Harlington Lower School we believe the ethos of the school should be built on a foundation of core values such as honesty, respect, happiness, responsibility and peace.

These values, and several others, will be addressed directly through lessons and assemblies and will permeate the whole curriculum. They are the basis for the social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and moral development of the child. We are here to support and nurture our children so that they develop into young, well motivated and caring adults and this is reflected in our Values Education Programme. Our values are woven into the curriculum in order to give a variety of opportunities for them to be thought about and used in the life of the school, the community and the wider community.

  Year A Year B
September Respect Respect
October Responsibility Responsibility
November Peace Independence
December Compassion Patience
January Appreciation Appreciation
February Honesty Honesty
March Perseverance Courage
April Trust Forgiveness
May Co-operation Resilience
June Positivity Hope and Optimism
July Friendship Citizenship

Values Based Education Accreditation Mark

Values Education underpins all we do at  Harlington and Sundon Lower schools. We are proud that we have a strong history of involvement with Values based Education initially led by Dr Neil Hawkes within schools throughout Central Bedfordshire.

Our ‘Values’ lead teachers in each school took on the task of collecting the evidence needed by involving children, parents and staff in this whole school project to gain the ‘Values Based Education Accreditation Mark’.

Our evidence was assessed by external advisors. They were delighted to experience the positive ethos, behaviours, systems, rewards, links to home and the wider community which were consistently displayed throughout both schools. We were successful and incredibly proud to gain this award for both schools. We continue with ensuring that all staff, children and families within our community model and live our values every day. This continues to be a guiding factor underpinning our behaviours, language and moral compass.  'Living our values' is even more important as we navigate our way through the pandemic to ensure everyone is safe, happy and continues to thrive and develop as well-rounded citizens.