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“When the storm rages we teach children to find shelter and create light, calm and change through movement”

At Harlington Lower School we realise the importance of good mental health, and also the difficulties that everyone has faced in recent times, especially since the pandemic. To support improving mental health, we have introduced a new program called ‘Stormbreak’.

Stormbreak activities are ‘purposeful participation in movement to shape and support mental health’, and they are focused on different concepts, including:

Resilience, Self-worth, Relationships, Self-care and Hope and Optimism.

We teach the children that it’s OK to learn from your mistakes, it’s OK to take a chance or risk, and it’s OK to dream and to be excited about the future.

In our classrooms we will regularly participate in Stormbreak activities, as well has having discussions around the different mental health concepts.

How do Stormbreaks help us?


• Build resilience, overcome adversity, learn to face stress and pressure.

• Develop effective self-care, depression, anxiety and anger management skills.

• Develop optimism, focus, persistence and perseverance.

• Improve confidence, self-esteem, self-image and self-worth.


• Reduce referral rates to school-based and community mental health interventions

• Improve social capital, wider community engagement opportunities and family mental health.

• Create healthier, happier, families and communities.


• Change perceptions of mentally healthy movement creating a whole school approach and lasting change.

• Improve confidence and delivery for supporting mentally healthy movement.

• Improve children’s behaviour and reduce their absenteeism.

At home, you could support us by talking to your child about the Stormbreaks they have been doing at school, and even join in with them at home (available on YouTube). You can also visit the Stormbreak website and register