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Reception Intake 2023

New Parents and Carers Reception Children 2023
Welcome to The Harlington and Sundon Academy Trust

Dear Parents and Carers  

I am delighted to be able to warmly welcome you and your child to The Harlington and Sundon Academy Trust. Our Academy is a partnership of two schools. We work with the community, trustees, staff and parents to create a safe and happy environment where every child achieves their maximum potential.

We are committed to make your child’s entry into our school smooth, supportive and successful. We look forward to getting to know you and your child. Our school has extremely positive relationships with children, parents and all members of our community and we look forward to building this relationship with you. By working together, we can provide firm foundations for an enjoyable and ambitious learning journey for your child. We will work in partnership to support and nurture your child’s experiences and education over the coming years.

The Harlington and Sundon Academy Trust strives to offer a curriculum that gives children the best possible start to their education by developing their independence, curiosity, imagination and desire to learn; we want children to leave our school with a collection of memorable learning experiences. The Academy endeavours to provide a stimulating learning environment, offering a variety of high quality and exciting learning opportunities and experiences within a broad and balanced curriculum. The curriculum promotes our common values whilst recognising and valuing our differences within school and the wider community.


Our Office Manager, Mrs Cullis at Harlington, will be contacting parents via email to let you know which ‘Group’ your child will be in for transition, starting school, stay and play dates and home visits.

New Parent/ Carer Intake Evening -Welcome Presentation Wednesday 7th June 6.30pm

All our new parents and carers are invited to our New Intake Information evening. This will be an opportunity to meet the Head Teacher, Deputy Head teacher and our Early Years team. Our Early Years presentation will give you lots of information about starting Reception and preparing your child for school. If you have any thoughts or questions you would like to discuss with your child’s class teacher, this is an opportunity to do so.

Home Visits
Home Visits will take place in the week commencing Monday 5th September 2023 and you will be contacted with your visit date and time at a later date.

Supporting Transition

Ensuring a supportive transition for your child is our absolute priority.  Our proposed transition procedures are as follows:

  • Stay and Play Session Thursday 29th June 2023.   You and your child will be invited to attend one of these sessions. This is an exciting opportunity for you and your child to meet your child’s teacher and see their classroom. There will be three one-hour sessions throughout the day.

9.15 am to 10.15 am. Group 1
10.30am to 11.30 am Group 2
1.15pm to 2.15 pm. Group 3

  • Monday 11th September 2023 and Tuesday 12th September 2023.  Our first group of 10 of our new Reception children will start school from 8.45 am. to 3.25 p.m.
  • Wednesday 13th September 2023 and Thursday 14th September 2023 Our second group of 10 children will join us full time along with the first group of children during school hours (8.45am to 3.25pm).
  • Friday 15th September 2023. Our last group of ten children will join the rest of the class and attend full time with normal school hours (8.45am to 3.25pm).

You will be notified which group your child is in and the start date for your child to begin school. From past experience we have had the youngest children start first, and we will continue with this system so that all children can settle smoothly.

We have planned a staggered entry of pupils arriving to school in September as we recognise that coming into a large class of children may be overwhelming for some.

Yours sincerely

Miss V Paulding

Head Teacher