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Caythorpe Court 2022

Year 4 residential trip.

Before Easter many of our Year 4s attended a residential trip to Caythorpe Court which is an adventure activity centre in Lincolnshire. After 3 nights away they had this to say:
“It was really fun and the people there are very nice. The food was tasty and you could get as much as you wanted. All of the activities were fun but my favourites were the ones up high like the vertical challenge and rock climbing.” – Grace
“I had a good time. The climbing activities were my favourite.” - Toby
“The food was good. I very much liked the giant swing because when you pulled the string it was a surprise and you dropped quickly.” – Chloe W
“Caythorpe was awesome and exciting and it was an opportunity to face fears. The activities were really fun but some of them looked a bit scary at first. The food was very good and I liked breakfast the most.” – Isla B
"On the way to Caythorpe, I was talking to my friend about how excited I was to be going there and in the end it was fantastic. My favourite activities were rock climbing, archery and vertical challenge. The food was very nice and I really liked the vegetarian sausages. The dorms were comfy, the beds were warm and I liked being with my friends.” – Deen