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Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice Survey Spring 2022

Staff and Trustees recognise the importance of safeguarding our children in all aspects of school life. Our vision and ethos for our Academy Trust is to ensure that we provide a safe, nurturing environment where children can enjoy and learn so that all children can achieve their potential. We recognise the importance of listening to our children and pupil voice is regularly used to inform us of children’s thoughts, feelings and ideas; this informs future practice and areas that we can strengthen further.

We have recently given the children a ‘Feeling Safe’ questionnaire. We have analysed the results and taken time to talk to some children about their answers. We will follow up now with some circle time sessions in each class where children will have an opportunity to talk about how they feel in school. We will also continue to teach children how to keep safe in school, out of school and online.

We would like to share some of the results with you and below you will see how children answered some of the questions.

Do you feel safe in school?  92% of children said yes.

We have spoken to the 8% who said that they were unsure. One child said that you could fall over in the playground, but the other children could not give an explanation.

Are you worried about Covid? 46% of children said no. 41% said yes and 13% are unsure.

Children were worried that they or their family would be ill. Some children were worried that they would not be able to come to school. Some children were worried as their family or friends had Covid when we were asking. Some children in Year 4 were worried that they would get Covid and therefore would not be able to go to Caythorpe.

We would ask you to work with us in reassuring children when they talk about their worries around Coronavirus. Our Recovery curriculum continues to promote children’s mental health, well-being and resilience. Staff and trustees recognise that the pandemic has impacted negatively on some children and families’ emotional resilience and well-being, and we will continue to reassure and develop children’s confidence and self- awareness and resilience over the year.

Who can you talk to in school if you are worried about something?

Every child was able to name people in school and out of school who they could talk to if they were worried. Children used the term ‘trusted adult,’ they also mentioned they may use ‘Talk time’ and worry monsters which we have introduced this year so that children can discuss and share any worries or concerns they may have. 

Who makes sure that you are safe at playtimes and lunchtimes?

All children could name the adults who ensure that they are safe at playtimes and lunchtimes.

They could tell us what they need to do if the fire alarm goes off or if there is a lock down.

Please see below for the full results of our Feeling Safe Pupil Voice Survey.

This term the year 4 children were involved in a staying safe assembly led by Festus Akinbusoye the Police and Crime Commissioner for Bedfordshire. This was particularly valuable for our year 4 children as they begin to think about moving to their new schools.

The children have taken part in school assemblies linked to British values and our display in the main reception area re-enforces the values of tolerance, democracy, freedom and rules that are interwoven throughout all aspects of the schools wider curriculum.