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MK Museum

Chestnut and Hawthorn Classes school trip

‘On Tuesday, we went to MK museum. We went on a Double Decker bus’. Ruby, Lidia and Kian, Chestnut class.

‘We went in to the school room and it was a Victorian classroom’. Jacob and Reuben, Chestnut class.

‘We went in to the old shops. They were very small’. Elizabeth and Martha, Chestnut class.

‘We ate our packed lunch in the courtyard and it was very sunny’. Caitlin, Harry and Amelie, Chestnut class.

‘It was a really fun day’. Luenna, Chestnut class.

‘The school trip was exciting. I liked the classroom because it reminded me of Victorian times. We went to the laundry room and we got to do some washing and then dry it with a mangle’. Rachael, Hawthorn class.

‘I liked the parlour because there were lots of oil lamps. I liked it when they lit the oil lamp, it looked pretty. The classroom was very fun because they have things that they used to punish the children with’. Matty, Hawthorn class.