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Whipsnade Zoo

Oak, Chestnut and Hawthorn classes school trip

"We went to the zoo. We saw butterflies in the butterfly house, they were beautiful. Last we saw sea lions, they were funny. One of them flicked their tail at me”. By Lidia
At the zoo we saw the lemurs; we saw a tiger who was asleep. We saw some butterflies in the butterfly house and some crocodiles”. By Reuben
“Yesterday I went to the zoo and saw elephants, lemurs and parrots. My favourite was the tiger”. By Maximillian
“We were very excited and quite chatty on the bus”. By Bobby
“It rained for most of the day but we still had fun”. Malachi
“We saw lots of animals and Meredith dressed up as a zebra”. Aaron
“We were allowed to eat our lunch in the café because it was raining”. By Rachael
“On Wednesday 28th June, Hawthorn class went to Whipsnade Zoo. We saw lots of animals but my favourite was the hunting dogs. We had a great day”. By JJ
“On Wednesday 28th June, Hawthorn class got a double decker bus and went to Whipsnade Zoo. We saw a bear and he poked his head out of the fence. I like the baby elephant that played football. The trip was great fun”. By Megan