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For their Geography topic 'contrasting localities' the children went to Brighton

On Wednesday 2nd July we walked up to the train station to catch the 9.24 train. During the 2 hour journey we talked to each other and played games like noughts and crosses, cat’s cradle and boxes. When we arrived at Brighton we walked down to the beach and ate our lunch. After lunch we walked up to the main road where we sat on the path and spent 10 minutes counting cars for our first traffic survey. Next we walked along the seafront looking at the buildings for our land survey. Then we went on the pier and had an ice cream after which we walked back along the sea front and looked at the economic activity. Next we did another traffic survey; we walked back to the stony beach and had a little paddle in the sea. Then we ate our fish and chips before catching the train home. We had a lovely day and got home at 8pm.
Tom and Madeline

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