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Year 3/4 Summer Concert

Reach for the Sky!

Last week we had the Year 3 and 4 production 'Reach for the Sky'. The four performances were fantastic and really showcased the children's talents in acting and singing. 

All children had a lot of words to learn for the songs and many had a lot of lines to learn too. Well done to both year groups for all their hard work. 

We had lots of lovely comments from people who watched the concerts, saying what an amazing job the children had done and how much they enjoyed the performance. 

The following is a quote from one of our brilliant volunteer helpers:

“Can I just say how impressed I was with the Years 3/4 production yesterday - all the children performed brilliantly, most knew all the words and I particularly liked the granny with the walking frame! Such a proud smile on his face! I also appreciated the slick stage management, prop movement for example, and everyone seemed to know what to do when which is an achievement in itself!!”