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The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

Our Jubilee celebrations

Our first day back was a time of celebration and we all enjoyed a wonderfully patriotic and celebratory day to mark the Queen’s Platinum celebration. The children have had a fantastic day learning about Queen Elizabeth II and her 70 years on the throne! Children and staff enjoyed a royal party at lunch time with a special lunch provided by Caterlink. Many thanks to Mrs Rolls and her team for all her hard work. Children wore party hats whilst others donned their special hats and crowns that they had created over half term.

We plan to have a special hat display in our main entrance area showcasing the children’s skills. All children were kindly given a commemorative coin donated by the Friends Association (FHLSA) so, many thanks. I am sure children will treasure these and look back on them as a mark of the special occasion.

The children said about the day:
Susanna, Yr 4 – “I really enjoyed making my flag and I liked doing the maypole dancing and showing it to the rest of the school.”
Ethan, Yr 4 – “It made me happy spending time with my friends and I liked making flags.”
Robin, Yr 4 – “It was nice to be able to sit outside in the sun and fresh air when we had our lunch. I also loved the maypole dancing (Barber's Pole and Spider's Web).”
Idrees, Yr 4 – “Eating lunch outside was fun and I liked having sandwiches instead of a hot dinner. We dressed someone up as a soldier and I really enjoyed that.”
Elizabeth, Yr 1 - "It was good, I really enjoyed eating lunch outside."