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Science Week

From slime to rockets

Last Friday we were very privileged to have Sublime Science in school all day. The children had a great time,
especially launching their rockets at the end of the day. The staff and children are extremely grateful to the
FHLSA for funding this day and would like to say a big thank you!!
‘It was good fun, we made slime’ – Abbey
‘I liked the slime’ – Noah
‘I liked the rocket launch. Our rocket got stuck in the tree’ – Jake
‘I really liked making the slime’ – Sadie
‘On Friday they made smoke rings in a circle shape’ – Duke
Year 1
‘I enjoyed melting the ice that had the baby dinosaur in’ – Edward
‘I enjoyed planting the runner beans and talking about water’ - Holly
Year 2
‘I loved the slime making because I love slime’ - Lola
‘I absolutely loved making the boats’ – Daisy
‘I liked making slime and the fish’ – Stuart
‘I liked making boats that float and learning about the micro-fibres’ – Martha
‘I enjoyed Science Week because of the lemonade rocket’ – Caitlin
‘I really liked Science Week because Chemical Chris came in’ – Reuben
‘I liked science week because we launched a plastic bottle in the air with an American rocket launcher’ – Peter
‘I liked Science Week because we got to do lots of experiments’– Vito
‘I liked doing experiments and how plastic gets in the sea’ – Ruby
‘I like that Science Week exists and learning about micro-fibres’ – Luenna

Year 3
‘On Friday a man came in to talk about rockets and we made slime then we launched a water rocket at the end of
the day. On Wednesday we did a science experiment about boats, we made boats out of plasticine to see if they
would float, then filled them up with split pins to see how long it would take for them to sink. It was fun.’ Matty & Levi
Year 4
‘On Friday 8th March we started celebrating science week with a super science day. A scientist came in and he
did fun experiments and we made slime!’ - Gabriella